Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shoestring Budget Library Renovations

Having wasted the last few nights trying to get images to upload in some sort of visually acceptable layout, I've moved them to the WLW website.

The 'table' area has been replaced with the large tables that used to house the computers; the defunct computer area has become The Briefing Room (now trying to source a humungous flat-screen TV for nix - wish me luck!); the photocopier has been relocated to the back of the library; and all the tatty old signs have been removed.

See also: for more pix.

Some of the daggier bits have been covered up with bookstore/publisher promotional posters - which had an interesting and unexpected outcome. Today a library user wanted to borrow the book shown on the poster in front of the main entrance. OK, I lied ... I said the book was on order and hadn't arrived yet. It will indeed be on order by COB tomorrow.

Be careful what you ask for?


Monday, November 24, 2008

Is enthusiasm expensive?

Why is apathy more prevalent than enthusiasm? I've checked the catalogues, and cross-checked with suppliers, and they seem to cost about the same per unit volume. And we're not talking about the trite "absolutely" responses, but a genuine heart-felt acknowledgement of any of life's manifold joys; whether they be as simple as an idea, or as complex as an action.

Whistle while you work? Not since Disney remade Snow White and the Seven Dwarves ...