Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just finished reading ..."The History of the World According to Facebook"

Yep, it's a parody. Took about an hour to read, but had to wait until eldest daughter had finished it ... which was less than one night, - which is the most 'engaged' she's been in a book for the quite a while.

Now the youngest daughter is pretty keen to read it too, but hey! There's a pecking order here!

It was pretty witty most of the way through it, covering just about everything from The Creation to the year 2011. The picture to the right here is from the back cover, and gives a pretty good indication of the content of the rest of the book. Which is the whole point of the stuff on the back cover, isn't it? Like, D'oh!

Is there a down side? Sigh. See picture below.

Just finished reading ..."The Power of Six"

Well, actually I finished reading it last week, but I've been incredibly slack in the Blog Updating department, which I know will surprise very few (if any) readers.

Verdict? Pretty good, really. It had that elusive 'grip' throughout, but I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that the end held little in the way of surprises. If I was in a school library, I'd be adding both books to the collection. If there were enough funds, of course. Haven't heard anything from any colleagues at this time as to whether the first one of the series was popular, but I'm guessing now that the Hunger Games movie is out, there's going to be a queue for those books first.