Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Knee: Part 2. Diversional Therapy

I can't believe someone was actually interested in my knee! Apart from the medicos who use their fees to put their kids through college. Thanks hugely, Felicity!

Since you asked - and I'll really try to keep this at less than 20,000 words - it's healing nicely. The strange thing though is that after I found out about The Site Manager's complaints about me last November, I pretty much lost interest in even reading. But in preparation for the convalescent (knee) period, I visited the most excellent Max Webber Library and borrowed heavily. They have a borrowing limit of 30 items, which doesn't seem like a 'limit' at all to me.

I also bought a few books at Bargain Basement prices, owing to so many fine bookshops going into liquidation. Very, very sad, really. Happy to say though, that I am now once more enjoying reading. Funny, that.

Friday, July 15, 2011

How disruptive can an unconscious Warrior Librarian be?

The Knee certainly seemed to have taken on a life of its own; I hadn't realised that - until at the dinner table one of the Resident Teenagers asked if there wasn't something else I could talk about.

Typical teenager. If it wasn't about them it wasn't interesting. I mean, this is about me! What could be more important than that?

So last Friday, I underwent the dreaded - although officially described as minor - operation. I was told that the knee surgery was very successful. Great news, huh? The fact that I stopped breathing ("transiently") and had to be resuscitated apparently made me "transiently" famous.

And I missed just about all of it, except the end part when I awoke to ECGs and oxygen masks and about 200 people running around me dressed in medical staff garb. OK, it may not have been 200. I didn't actually count them. And I wasn't in any condition to hand out survey forms and collate statistics.

But anyway, it just goes to show that even when I'm unconscious, I still inadvertently cause dramas. Sigh.