Monday, February 21, 2011

Struggling with GMDs ...

In the never-ending quest for consistency, a whole stack of assorted GMD's got a thorough smacking today; CO (COmputer equipment) and SO (SOftware) got the old Global Change treatment and became ELs (Electronic resources). The two genuine SO (SOund) resources had a manual change back to the correct designation. "L" (Library equipment) joined the EQ (EQuipment) GMDs, and nary a grumble was heard.

Which I guess is one of the positive attributes of working with MARC record fields, as opposed to actual PE (PEople). Notably though, PE isn't a recognised SCIS-compliant GMD, although they are still pretty important.

Still unresolved is what to do about another all-sorts arrangements for what may be loosely referred to as "movies"; the MO (MOtion picture) variety which might be on a VI (video) tape, or as an EL (electronic resource) - although not a computer program. They ("movies") may also fall into the classification of FI (FIlm) if the content is mounted on a nitrate-style medium, as opposed to a "flicks" if on SL (SLides) flashed (FL if FLash-cards) at a high enough speed.

OK. That's it. I'm going to LE (LEave it alone) for a while, before my toenails start curling backwards.

Tomorrow I'll have another go at sorting it all out. Why, do I hear you ask? Because the web cats linked to the library software management program generate icons for our users so they can see what media they are not going to be allowed to access. Makes sense? No, I thought not. Glad to hear it's not just me on this one.