Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Nice Letter, but too little, too late ...

Dear Webmaster,

While browsing the web I noticed that you maintain a list of Library Skills resources here:

LessonCorner has organized a collection of Library Skills lesson plans and worksheets.
If you would like to link to them please use the following url:

Library Skills Lesson Plans -

In recognition for your work helping teachers find online resources, we would like to offer
you a free lifetime premium membership to LessonCorner. To enjoy this offer simply sign
up for a free membership -
Then reply to this email with the username you chose and I will
activate your lifetime premium membership.

About Us: At LessonCorner our goal is not only to create the best
collection of worksheets and lesson plans on the web, but also to make it free.
Our freemium business model allows all users to access many of the site's features.
In addition, users can receive a free 1 year premium membership by sharing
their lessons and worksheets with the community.

Thank you for your time,
Kathy Johnson

Yes, it's another website ...

Visually pretty good, nice design and easy editing ... but let's see what unfolds at

Library Laughs

I read today of the Zen Librarian, who searched the Internet for nothing and got 20 million hits on Google.