Thursday, October 1, 2009

Street Smarts or Dumb and Dumber

For a while now, I've been noticing that people seem to be getting stupider. I almost had myself convinced that the problem was really just me, that I myself was getting crabbier and less tolerant. Until yesterday.

Racked items in KMart's Children's Clothing section had tags attached at the neckline "Warning: Clothing must be removed from hanger before wearing". No one would possibly make this up. Not even me. Q.E.D.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The History of American library humor ...

Jeanette Smith of the New Mexico State University Library wrote:

I have been researching and writing a book on the history of American library humor, and now that my 451 page manuscript is complete, I am contacting people that I mention and make short quotes from in the book. You are, of course, an important library humorist worldwide and in America. Below, I have attached material from your work in the book, with full citations. May I use this material in my book? ...

I really do love it when folk ask permission first! I wonder if I'll be getting a complimentary copy of the published work? Most probably not; the only folk to have done so thus far were ALA, who honored me with a copy of The Whole Library Handbook 4 in thanks for my humble contribution (p 368).

You'll have to get hold of your own copy of Jeanette Smith's book to find out which quotes she is going to use. And no, I'm not getting a commission on sales. As usual.