Monday, December 1, 2008


So what do you do when you want something to change on a systemic level? You write a proposal, and support it with evidence, right?

Having now reached the stage where I've collected a significant amount of documentation ending with "further correspondence on this matter will be filed without reply", it might be time to suggest the incorporation of yet another new acronym to the corporate listing.

STFUNK. The first two words are "Shut The". And the last two words are "No one Cares" (and yes, I know that "cares" starts with a C and not a K - but we live in phonetic times. You have to use your imagination as to what the middle two words are, but the second one is "Up", if that's any help.

The Night the Heavens Smiled

Now here's something you don't see every day (or night); an alignment of Jupiter, Venus and a crescent moon, forming a smiley face. Not sure what parts of the planet you could view this from, but it was visible in the Western Sydney sky just on sunset tonight. Apparently. It was cloudy here.

Sigh. News is that it will happen again in another 5 years.