Friday, February 5, 2010

Fresh approach to increasing library access?

Here's something new ... instruct your school librarian take on the role of a teacher's aide and provide 'support' outside the library, so the library has to close numerous times. Yep, that's sure going to bump up library use, promote reading for pleasure, assist in developing Information Literacy, develop meaningful and measurable improvements in outcomes. Not.

Mind you, today's contribution to this particular aspect of the education revolution was pretty much restricted to being asked by "a real teacher" to get her a chair so she could rest her sore foot on it. Gee, but its great to have gotten two master's degrees to provide such a critical input into the program.


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Moody Blues and other human follies?

While indulging in much-needed Retail Therapy, couldn't help but notice the number of retailers of "Mood Rings". Which lead me to reflect on the simultaneous inventiveness and stupidity of my species. Why the heck would anyone need an accessory to tell others how they are feeling?

Wouldn't howls of outrage, sighs of resignation, sobs of indignation, The Silence and similar 'cues' give more than just a vague hint of current Affective Domain status? Or maybe that's just me. It would seem that Professional Poker Player would not be a viable career alternative to Librarianship ...