Saturday, June 11, 2011

Senior Moments: The Carjacker

Too good not to share ... but unfortunately attribution not yet available (I'm working on it). Click on image for a clearer and larger view.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

When LS meets RL: Part 2

I've never been in a library that didn't find it necessary to provide signage of the Bleeding Obvious type. And I don't believe there is a household in the Western World that has teenagers who are not Selectively Blind, as well as Selectively Deaf, regardless of how technologically proficient they are.

So here's a helpful little sign that is about to go into service. You are welcome to adapt to your own needs, be it at home or at work.

When Library Science meets Real Life ...

... or, I was so bored that not only did I actually did put the spice rack in alpha-order, but created a "closed stack" (actually "closed basket") for lesser-used spices. This will be shelved in a designated cupboard known as The Cupboard with the Other Stuff in it (COS).

That may well become the second in a series of two cupboards for such purposes, and thus will be known by the acronym B-COS.

But wait, there's more! I also used "promotion" of those products that I believe would be more popular if they were used more often (like, der!) . Plus, I "inter-shelved" non-spice formatted flavorings for A More Sophisticated Palate. Yes!!!

I gotta get out more, ya know?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When budget insufficiences call for desperate measures

"Surveillance cameras may be in use." Pictured is one of many notices on the [Sydney] CityRail network. Needless to say the may should be emphasised - because there really wasn't any.

It's a bit of a give-away when other signs around CityRail buildings say "24 hour surveillance in operation".

So, is CityRail, and by association the government, trying to "intimidate" the public? I figure a "reasonable person" (which I am reliably informed is terminology from our fine legal system) would consider this nothing more than an attempt to encourage appropriate behaviour.

Others may disagree. But here's the "rub"; such a sign in a library would be trying to achieve the same goal - particularly when said library may well not have a sufficient budget to actually install CCTV.

Interestingly, such equipment - which is now available at such a low price there really isn't any reason for even the smallest library to install same - has been proven to reduce theft, graffiti, bullying and many other socially unacceptable behaviour.

"Intimidating"? Only to those with evil intentions. Desperate indeed.