Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where do YOU go to scream?

So it was just another one of those days, where somewhere back down deep in the reptilian part of your brain you know that a good deep scream will somehow help you cope. The question is where does one go, if you're in a city - let alone an office?

Back in the day where horror flicks were all the rage, one could have popped in and let loose with the general movie goers, at the appropriate times, of course. No one ever screams at the pictures any more - at least not that I've heard for maybe 20 years. Maybe I'm going to the wrong movies?

Folk in rural areas might be able to find a spot isolated enough for a belly roar - but for city folk by the time you've driven anywhere far enough away from folk who might become alarmed, the urge for a bellow will probably have passed.

In an office? Forget it. Someone will call in SWAT or ALA or something, and you'll have to fill out forms and be assessed and maybe even have your shoelaces taken away. Or so I believe - I'm not talking from experience here.

There's a woeful lack of soundproof areas available for primal screams. Under OHS (or OSH if you're in another hemisphere), someone should do something about it.

Just my thought for today.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Poster #2: Inclusive Education

Don't forget your artificial plants ...

Poster #1: Teaching and learning for horticulturalists

Give your potted plants clear instructions (click image to enlarge for easy reading).

The New Gig continues ....

... with another desk "make over". Ah yes, a few more lunchtimes well spent on workplace ambiance.

Not to mention an increase in the depth and scope of the Visual Resource collection. The ephemera off to the extreme right side is my lunch - you can't get much more ephemeral than that, can you?