Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So, how was *your* day?

This morning started off well, with three hours x 2 goodly folks clearing an enormous backlog of accessioning. Then things started going pear-shaped. The standard back-up procedure 'hung', was remotely 'solved', and the morning's work was completely lost to the system. So tomorrow, we get to do all the work again.

A rainy lunchtime meant a very busy library; borrowing was less than usual, with crowd control becoming first priority. But it was the two men with clip-boards measuring things was a much greater concern - particularly when it came to light that they were looking at what part of the library was expendable. A handicapped toilet had to be constructed, and where else would you put one except in an upstairs area with no adjacent sewerage plumbing? The library was an obvious choice. Not. Being as how the library is 3 classrooms with the walls removed, with one third of the created space taken up with 'administration' type area, one third with resource storage, and one third with reader/learner space, of course the other third could become a handicapped toilet.

A student altercation consumed the rest of the work day; and that didn't even consider the amount of paperwork still to be completed. Resolution was 'not yet reached'.

Then it was off to the hairdresser's in preparation for tomorrow's school photographs. When my spectacles fell in half after being dropped from a very small height. Not to mention the fact that it was raining when I left the salon. On my newly created coiffure.

I'm tempted not to even mention having also cracked a tooth, and not being able to get through to my dentist, let alone not get an appointment.

Ah well, tomorrow's another day.