Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beer Review: No, it's not a typo

Perhaps most folk would partake of a suitable wine to help evoke The Muse, but it was a humid night after a hot day here in Sydney town, and Facebook was down for maintenance; with nothing much to watch on TV and no particularly inspiring book to read - or write.

So it seemed the ideal time to check out what's new at our local purveyor of alcoholic beverages, specifically in the low-carb range. Cue in Hahn White, described as a Belgian-style beer. With 0.25g sugar per 330ml serve, it wasn't a bad drop, although the fruity undertones took a little adjustment.

We skipped the orange slice additive ritual in the spirit of scientific research. After all, it just didn't seem quite right to add fresh fruit to an amber liquid that had apparently already been contaminated with health food. I'd not be embarrassed to turn up to a BBQ in the company of a small case of this product.

(And just a note for Those Who Know Who You Are - no, I didn't get free samples, and no, I'm not receiving any remuneration of any kind for writing this.)