Friday, August 26, 2011

Did funding go down the toilet?

I know that one shouldn't laugh - but have just come across the (Australian) National Public Toilet Project. You can enter your location, or proposed location before you travel, and find where the toilets are, or even use the trip planner. How good is that?!!!

This is brought to us as a project of the National Continence Management Strategy. Really.

Which leads nicely into today's Critical Question: What happened to those Home Toilet Libraries? Perhaps the convenience of that particular multitasking could be enhanced to a community level? Imagine Public Toilets with a set of Encyclopedias available within the same building. Improve your mind while attending to .... errr ... other needs?

Completely unrelated is the news that in NSW, there will be $20 million funding available in tied grants for the Premier's Sporting Challenge. Sadly, such tied funding is not available (yet) for the Premier's Reading Challenge. Nor, obviously, such brilliant original reading promotion, and literacy supporting strategies, such as the above.