Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just finished reading ... "206 Bones"

I do like a good mystery, with a touch of the macabre thrown in for good measure. Which I guess is why I enjoy Patricia Cornwell and Kathy Reichs so much.

I found 206 Bones a good read, particularly with the little twist in the end. The plot was not predictable, the characters underwent a credible development, the action was well-described. At times the use of language was a little heavy, but still eminently readable.

The downside was Ms Reichs' stereotypical portrayal of The Librarian, including the actual appellation of 'the dragon'. I guess I can live with this small flaw if I concentrate on the fact that this was the viewpoint of the character, not the author. At least I hope so. I'd have to check with the author to get an accurate assessment; it's always best to go to the source for confirmation. Isn't it?

I think that Cornwell may be a marginally better writer, with Reichs' a marginally better 'storyteller'; if that makes any difference to anyone.

This was one of my pre-Christmas purchases; with the closure of two major book stores at my local mall, I'm happy to say the book-nook (not its real name) is a pretty good substitute. Not a big range, but a more consistently interesting bargain table. What you throw up on the swings lands on the round-about? Or words to that effect ...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Competition Notification: Random House

Whatever else I may be, I am consistent. I didn't win the recent mega-lottery ($35 million), nor any other major prize. Or minor one for that matter; although I did once win ten bucks in a game of chance. As far as I know that wasn't declarable on my income tax, but I guess I should have notified the Tax Office anyway, just in case.

Anyways, for those who like a dabble, Random House is offering chances in a prize. I can't give you the URL, coz The Usual Parties may well consider that I might be benefiting in some way - which past experience confirms that even one cretin with such a belief is sufficient to generate a complaint; two cretins sharing such an erroneous belief got me into huge pooh. Or poop, if you prefer.

And no, offering proof makes no difference to the determination; a review is apparently not an option. Nor does making an official complaint about the determination, the lack of investigation, and the clear denial of Natural Justice or even just a fair and unbiased investigation make one scrap of difference ...

I may have digressed there for a minute. Good luck with Random House's offering.