Saturday, March 26, 2011

Disharmony on Harmony Day

March 21 was Harmony Day. The display (pictured here, in an unfinished state) was well underway, "show bag" fillers were ready for packing (bookmark, HDay balloon, candies and more), The Library Competition was going to be Pin the Leader (eg Nelson Mandela, Churchill, Gandhi, Lincoln ... and more) onto the map of the world.

So what happened? As always, the back story is a long but interesting one - and starts with "Other Duties as Directed".

To cut to the chase, I had a half-day sick leave weeks ago, related to the School Imperative for "all teachers" to take sport. As an aside "all teachers" have a limit on the number of students they supervise, and the number of hours "on duty" - which strangely apparently doesn't apply to Teacher Librarians.

I know I'm going to take another "hit" for that disclosure, so please remember that I'm speaking on behalf of myself only, and not as a spokes librarian for my employer. Nor am I the voice of my profession. There are apparently (again) others who do not find any incongruity, anomaly nor injustice in this situation. Or maybe just too intimidated to speak out about it?

Anyways, I went back to work the next day after that half-day (actually 3 hours) sick leave, and the day after that. The third day following, "news" arrived via three different contacts - two phone calls plus a letter via regular mail. Not to go back to work until after a Return to Work plan had been devised, and a meeting held. That's The Way We Do It. The Process. The Protocol.

When nothing much happened after a week, apart from a lot of paper shuffling, I ventured in on Harmony Day ... there was still time to set up the show bags; the competition was a write-off. Well, it would seem that I was wrong. What a surprise. Not. Sent home with harsh words, as The Plan hadn't been done, and The Meeting hadn't been scheduled. Yet another week on, and still nothing.

Harmony Day? Pffft.

Well, I'm off to cast my vote in the State Election. Hopefully the Incumbent Party will be able to have a close look at these particular Protocols and Procedures. As for Justice, probably best to check closed stacks or more likely archives ...

"I'll fight you for the library"

This says it all ....

Friday, March 25, 2011

Alone and friendless?

I didn't have anything to do with this, except stumbling across it .... the NSW Department of Education [sic] has a FaceBook page! Well gee and golly, who doesn't these days? The remarkable thing about it is the fact that not a single person has 'liked' it.

I don't know how many 'entities' have FB pages at the moment, but I've never seen one with a "zero" in the Like Counter. But just remember, I had nothing to do with this, nor others like this Telegraph one ...