Saturday, January 1, 2011

An exercise in futility?

Having spent months trying to decide if, then what, eBook reader I might purchase, I've just come across one on Summer Sale at a local purveyor of such electronic devices. Even better, they were running a competition to actually win one! "In 25 words or less, tell us why you want ..."

I wish I had an eBook,
Like all my librarian friends;
Then I'd read a thousand tomes
And other odds and ends.

I did try for something in Iambic Pentamiter, but it was a little too difficult to stay under the word limit, get some rhyme happening, and make any sense. But still, this isn't too bad, is it? And only 22 words. Bet there's more than a few recipients of my more formal correspondence that wish I could be as brief and to the point with them.

Anyways, the downside of it is that if I should happen to win the competition, the prize - according to my employer's Code of Conduct - goes to my employer, as we are only allowed to "accept" prizes up to the value of $50.

Ah well, maybe they'll let me use it over the holidays or visit it or something. The CofC doesn't say who would actually get to hold the eBook reader in protective custody, in order to save me from being open to possible allegations of corruption. I must check into this, in the unlikely event that I win.

So much to do, so much of it most probably pointless. Sigh.