Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NYE in Sydney; with or without Paris Hilton

Been checking out webcams over the world; seems a bit weird that I was in Times Square only 11 weeks ago. But New Year in Sydney is something else again ... apart from the expected 1.5 million souls lining the Sydney Harbor foreshores for tonight's fireworks, Bondi Beach was as crowded as Hades must get the day after Overdue Notices go out 'n' all those lies get told about what happened to the missing/lost/but-I-brought-it-back stories.

Quite a few cases of sunburn and dehydration, according to the news reports. A relatively quiet NYE here at Warrior Librarian Central. Grouchman got an invite to the Paris Hilton NYE Party, so we won't be seeing him until tomorrow, so at least Warrior Librarian is represented there. I hope he remembers the list of questions I want him to ask The Paris. Geez, the world really must want to know what she's reading at the moment; who her fav. author is; her funny little library anecdotes.

But it's good to hear that The Paris Person has been propping up the Australian Economy; $20K on clothes within the first few hours of arriving here. Strange she's not staying at a Hilton hotel; I guess she must have checked out and got the cheap rates. Just guessing on that one though ...