Friday, August 13, 2010


I am unreliably informed that Friday is "POETS Day" (P--- Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday), and yet here it is, 5 minutes after the final bell for the day - and indeed week - and I'm still here. And I'll still be here for at least another 25 minutes, and possibly much longer. The staff car park is just about empty; the cleaners are here.

The significance of the fact that the janitorial staff all drive cars several decades younger than mine is not lost on me, particularly as my 'ride' could not be classed as a "Classic" for at least several more decades. If it doesn't fall apart before then. Like me.

So now I'm off to clear my filing backlog, open this morning's mail (hopefully nothing important), and attend to similar tasks that could probably wait until Monday. Now there's an idea ...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Our future in their hands ...

Latest update on the outcome of The Determination, following the submission of The Response to The Allegations ... the decision has been made, but won't be advised until next week.

So much for Article 5 (degrading punishment) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Similarly for Article 10 (fair and public hearing), Article 11 (presumption of innocence), Article 12 (attacks on reputation), Article 18 (freedom of thought), Article 19 (freedom of expression) etc etc. Not to mention copyright violation - using resources I created without firstly getting my own consent.

Go figure.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

At least Guyana is listening to me ...

Still no word on the pending Determination ... and apparently They have "a three month period" (plus any extensions They believe are warranted - or if they get Very Busy or something) before They are required to tell anyone anything. Talk about "cruel and unusual punishment"!

But at least they're listening over in Guyana; or to be strictly accurate the Guyana Chronicle Online published an
editorial extensively quoting the excellent article Ataxia in the Republic of Letters. Thanks, folks. Nice to know someone listens, even if it is on the other side of the planet.

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Reference Interview

So, today in the library ...

Patron: Do you have a pack of cards?

Librarian: We have books on playing cards, we have books on card rules, we have books on people who play cards, we have books on other indoor games, we have books on gambling and gambling addiction; I can direct you to websites where you can play online card games from home - not here though because they are blocked by the filters; I can give you cardboard and colouring media so you can make your own pack of cards.

Patron: Do you have any games?

Librarian: We have books on many types of games; we have fiction with stories about people playing games; we have access to the websites for organisations that control games; have you ever thought of making up your own game?

Patron: Do you know anywhere here (at the school) where I could get a game?

Librarian: Sigh. Try the games room.