Monday, August 10, 2009

The Cable Guy

So today, our cable TV service Team Member made a "courtesy call" to make sure that we're happy with the service. Only a cynic would note the phone call came after the contract period was finished, and now being Free Agents we can sign up with some one else, if we've a mind to do so.

Was I happy with the service? "No". Really? Why not? Coz we're paying over a hundred bucks a month and still having to go down to the video store and hire something worth watching - although our cable service provides access to over 40 different stations, including six movie channels.

And then, not only do they show rubbish on the channels we are paying for, they also want us to pay them even more money for the "premium" movies. "Premium" in this case translates to movies that people probably wouldn't mind watching.

No, of course I'm not happy. Will this be feedback be conveyed to the appropriate personnel? "But of course!" And which personnel would that be? Unfortunately the telephone line seemed to have dropped out at that point.

Gee, I hope the telco Team Member makes their curtesy phone call soon to see if I'm happy with their service.