Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When budget insufficiences call for desperate measures

"Surveillance cameras may be in use." Pictured is one of many notices on the [Sydney] CityRail network. Needless to say the may should be emphasised - because there really wasn't any.

It's a bit of a give-away when other signs around CityRail buildings say "24 hour surveillance in operation".

So, is CityRail, and by association the government, trying to "intimidate" the public? I figure a "reasonable person" (which I am reliably informed is terminology from our fine legal system) would consider this nothing more than an attempt to encourage appropriate behaviour.

Others may disagree. But here's the "rub"; such a sign in a library would be trying to achieve the same goal - particularly when said library may well not have a sufficient budget to actually install CCTV.

Interestingly, such equipment - which is now available at such a low price there really isn't any reason for even the smallest library to install same - has been proven to reduce theft, graffiti, bullying and many other socially unacceptable behaviour.

"Intimidating"? Only to those with evil intentions. Desperate indeed.

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