Friday, July 15, 2011

How disruptive can an unconscious Warrior Librarian be?

The Knee certainly seemed to have taken on a life of its own; I hadn't realised that - until at the dinner table one of the Resident Teenagers asked if there wasn't something else I could talk about.

Typical teenager. If it wasn't about them it wasn't interesting. I mean, this is about me! What could be more important than that?

So last Friday, I underwent the dreaded - although officially described as minor - operation. I was told that the knee surgery was very successful. Great news, huh? The fact that I stopped breathing ("transiently") and had to be resuscitated apparently made me "transiently" famous.

And I missed just about all of it, except the end part when I awoke to ECGs and oxygen masks and about 200 people running around me dressed in medical staff garb. OK, it may not have been 200. I didn't actually count them. And I wasn't in any condition to hand out survey forms and collate statistics.

But anyway, it just goes to show that even when I'm unconscious, I still inadvertently cause dramas. Sigh.


  1. Keep us up-to-date on progress with this. We care about your knee, in all its fine detail!

    In the "circles in which I move" this is an important topic. The standard greeting from my peers, as I arrive carefully manoeuvering with a (stylish) walking stick, is, "Do you have surgery date yet? By the way is it your knee or your hip?" I reply optimistically that it's the hip and I'm still hoping that this acute episode will end without surgery. Peers respond with pitying look (pitying my ignorance) and meaningful silence.

  2. Surgery will be a doctor's last resort of treatment, so just hang on there. Keep us posted with your recovery.