Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Knee: Part 2. Diversional Therapy

I can't believe someone was actually interested in my knee! Apart from the medicos who use their fees to put their kids through college. Thanks hugely, Felicity!

Since you asked - and I'll really try to keep this at less than 20,000 words - it's healing nicely. The strange thing though is that after I found out about The Site Manager's complaints about me last November, I pretty much lost interest in even reading. But in preparation for the convalescent (knee) period, I visited the most excellent Max Webber Library and borrowed heavily. They have a borrowing limit of 30 items, which doesn't seem like a 'limit' at all to me.

I also bought a few books at Bargain Basement prices, owing to so many fine bookshops going into liquidation. Very, very sad, really. Happy to say though, that I am now once more enjoying reading. Funny, that.

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  1. re "once more enjoying reading." Yes, need to get out of one's employed-by library for awhile for that to happen. Unfortunately its companion not-able-to-put-book-down comes with it.

    Glad to hear that the medicos (surgeons, physiotherapists, pharmacists, hospital system, etc.) didn't do any collateral damage. Now need to defend knee against expectations to push oneself; invalids need waiting upon.