Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rolling eyes skyward, again

Only a few months short of 10 years of 'administrating' the Casual and Relief School Library Staff Database, and finally got another Thank You. That would make around 5 of them altogether, over the years. Sheesh, all those nights spent slaving over a hot computer, without so much as a hint of expecting any payment (yeah, OK, I might have dropped a few hints about preferences in chocolate and/or flowers).

Mainly the comments have been more along the lines of "I sent you the information weeks ago", or " ...tell the person in charge ...". Good grief! It's almost enough to make me think about considering the possibility of introducing a fee. Luckily I'm basically too lazy to do that, for which the database folk (job seekers and vacancy fillers alike) should be extra grateful. Or at least less unpleasant.

I must be in a particularly narky mood tonight - probably something to do with the spectacular full moon on Friday. Apparently at the maximum thingy, being the closest to Planet Earth for years. And, as usual, it was cloudy here in Sydney. Bucketing with rain, actually.

Yep, The Heavens opened up, if not the clouds. Which then begs the question - can a cloud's silver lining be seen on a dark and stormy night?

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