Monday, June 7, 2010

Yet more repurposing?

Another imponderable ... now that I have thrown away all the old floppy disks (except one for archival purposes), what to do with the purpose built floppy disk box?

Not strictly speaking only a home-office/library problem ... there's a build up of these containers at the DJ Library as well. But at least there the many cupboards provide some storage space.

Here's a few ideas to be going on with: they're the ideal size for a small animal coffin, although being basically "open casket" in function, not suitable for road-kill; a lockable pen caddy for really treasured memento-type stationery; those cute mini-CDs fit in there nicely - but as they're mainly advertising, do we really want to keep them?; for families with dysfunctional oral hygiene, the containers could be used for overnight storage of multiple dentures; or what about miniature glass houses for growing designer herbs?

OK, maybe not the best of options, but perhaps someone out there has other ideas?

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