Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fine Dining and Information Accuracy

A personal recommendation for those dining in Blacktown Australia - officially the nation's largest city, population wise; you could do a lot worse than Hi-lights Revolving Restaurant.

Although only five stories high, you'll get views you couldn't hope to obtain in the finest eateries in New York, Paris, London, Fargo, etc.

Taking around an hour for one complete revolution, during an average mealtime you'll be treated to sites such as the roof of the Blacktown Council Chambers where you can marvel at the vast array of telecommunications equipment; the Westpoint shopping mall rooftop car park where with luck get to watch a real-life Grand Theft Auto in progress; the vista of Blacktown railway station, which was recently awarded the Highest Crime Location on the metropolitan CityRail network; plus distant views to a large number of arterial roadways.

We partook of a fine repast last night, for reasons that would take too long to explain here. (I do try to keep posting to less than 5,000 words.) I chose the rib-eye steak, which although was cooked to perfection, was accompanied by the world's smallest sides; 2IC had the barramundi (fish and chips); and little Miss Sophistication elected the Hamburger and Fries option. Dessert was satisfactorily lacking in nutritional merit.

While the live pianist was a nice touch, my small imbibing of beverages (of the type prohibited at most work sites) did not stop me from detecting the flaw in the musician's repertoire; in celebrating with some other diners at the venue, he played "Happy birthday to me" rather than "Happy birthday to you". It's that sort of sloppy attention to detail that could destroy an otherwise excellent dining experience.

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