Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Donations Policy

We had a Garage Sale (Yard Sale for our US cousins) today. Mostly it was just the usual junk that isn't used or wanted - only horded away "just in case".

We've had them before, over the years. But this year marks a First Ever inclusion - books. Until now, I'd always given our 'pre-loved' books to whatever library I was working in.

As we are a family of diverse reading preferences, our cast-offs generally help fill a number of gaps in various collections.

This year, things have changed. Over the last four years, I've donated over 2000 bucks worth of books to a Library of My Acquaintance. As they say, "no good deed goes unpunished" ... those who know what's going on will understand. The others will just have to wait for my official autobiography. Which, I suggest, you will need to read sitting down. The movie rights are still open for negotiation.

Anyways, although only getting a dollar or two for books that cost over $40 originally, any funds raised will go towards additions to our Home Library. Seems fair to me.


  1. Just an aside; the term "Garage Sale" is perfectly acceptable here in America (or at least in Ohio). The two are used interchangeably

  2. Thanks for that, Chris. "Yard Sale" is certainly less prone to less spelling mistakes, and would require a smaller sign ... or allow for bigger fonts. I've not seen the usage of "Yard Sale" down here in our part of the world - maybe I'll start a trend. Or maybe people will think they can buy our front lawn?