Monday, December 19, 2011

Yes. I am back.

A lovely two-week Long Service Leave has now finished, and I am back at my desk after a 14 day cruise to New Zealand. Pretty good, apart from 2 days of sea-sickness when the swell was over 4 metres (and remember that's an *average* height).

(I did embark as a passenger, but got rolled off as cargo at the end. Who'd have thought that eating almost constantly for two weeks would cause a weight gain?)

But what's almost even better, I'm back for only two days, then it's another five weeks of annual leave. Nice, huh? I think the world will manage to continue on without me at The Desk.

Of course, I will still be at a keyboard, although at a secret location known only to the Australian Taxation Office, the Electoral Commission, the Roads and Traffic Authority, local and state governments, my employer, Australia Post, and a few hundred other government and non-government organisations ...

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