Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just finished reading ..."Seriously, I'm kidding"

This is the third Ellen DeGeneres book; I haven't read the first two yet. I was a big fan of her TV sitcom - and not just because of the setting - and was disappointed that it was cancelled. But that was back in the days when I still watched TV.

I did enjoy this book very much. The humor was gentle and witty. But in comparison with some of my other favorite humor authors (eg PJ O'Rourke and the late Erma Bombeck) , it was a light read in more than one sense.

What was particularly interesting was the physical interaction with this book. I'd bought it as a present for one of my daughters (at her request), and borrowed it from her after she'd finished it. Interestingly, it was handed over with a set of verbal instructions that included not to open the pages too wide, as that wrinkled the cover down along the spine. Which in fact is true; I experimented with a new book in a store that shall remain nameless. I'd never considered this aspect of borrowing from a professional librarian perspective.

Which is in itself interesting; the former Warrior Librarian proofreader pointed out a few recent 'typos' and asked what kind of librarian did I think I was? So I shared with her my current worksite manager's perspective. I am apparently not a librarian at all, I am a teacher. Which is why I must close the library at recesses and go supervise the girls' toilets. Geez, and there I was putting all that effort into getting my library qualifications and everything ...

Have I digressed? Or am I marching firmly down the middle of the concourse?

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