Friday, November 21, 2008

The games people play

In some ways, it's sort of 'interesting' (in that Chinese curse sort of way) to blog away, knowing that there are now two (2) government departments monitoring this blog, as well as WLW. Hope they enjoy reading about the library renovations; circulation boosting tips might come to this blog shortly.

I almost feel sorry for the poor smucks who have no interest in libraries, but get paid to read 'certain potentially damaging' Web 2.0 material written by Known (and flagged) Recalcitrants. Isn't it a shame that George Orwell didn't forsee this particular aspect of technology? Oh wait! He actually did.

And here's something that's going to make a lot of other folk pretty angry; but at least our American Cousins have the advantage of knowing about it. Take a 10 minute break here at YouTube if you've got a strong stomach, privacy-wise. How do you feel about the software that, in 15 minutes, " could scan and interpret every book in the Library of Congress" [PBS Documentary] ... but of course that's not what they're using it for ...

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