Thursday, November 20, 2008

What a day!

So yesterday I went into the city to Attend to Some Business ... a matter that would require its own website to provide the complete picture, in all its technicolour glory. And maybe one day, that same website may indeed appear, if the book version doesn't eventuate.

All that aside, an additional 'excitement' after picking the kids up from school - a fun-filled (not) adventure to the local hospital Emergency Ward, a loooong wait, and a broadcast radio interview.

Going into work today, sorting books and packing 41 boxes for transport on Tuesday next week to PNG (over 70% of schools in PNG don't have a library), a Yard Duty, Year 8 class, exam marking, report writing (due next week!) and the all the usual daily library tasks - including the covering of 30 new books - was pretty much a 'walk in the park, compared to yesterday.

Looks like changing the world, one library at a time, might have to be postponed until tomorrow.

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