Sunday, September 13, 2009

A bird of another feather

Yep, another bird flying around the library again on Friday. Not the cute little 'blue jay' of previous fame, but the ubiquitous Indian Minor, an import by a previous generation and charged with contributing to the extinction of native species.

The Indian Minor doesn't get good press, nor any legal representation, but all that aside this particular feathered fiend flew (another 'f' word) through the library, and did in fact poop a number of times. Once - that I found - on our newly shampoo-ed carpet, and another on the back of the shelf at the end of our Reference collection.

We've got 'rules' about how high we can climb on ladders and such, so I'm still not quite sure as to who will get up the tops of the shelves and clean them, nor when. Not the cleaners' role, apparently. It may be lucky that there's a 10 year accumulation of dust across the tops of the books on the upper shelves - it may just save the books from the messages left by little birds ...

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