Thursday, November 6, 2008

Another New Beginning

For existing Warrior Librarian fans, Greetings once again; for casual readers and those who landed here by mistake, Welcome.

Following the spate of Hack Attacks in the old blog, and the fact that the previous hosting company wouldn't respond to any of the requests for assistance or increased security ... here we are, elsewhere in cyberspace.

And that's the really neat thing about the 'net - its everywhere without being anywhere. Pretty much like a lot of prose that passes itself off as literature. But that's just my opinion - and you're welcome to it.

Over the next few days, a lot of the existing postings will move over from the 'old' blog. Quite a few folk tried to reply to those postings, but the frailties in the 'old' system prevented them from being moderated. So stand by, whilst the training wheels are being attached ...

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