Thursday, November 6, 2008

Is it too late?

I read recently that the Nobel Prizes are not granted posthumously. Which is really bad, at least for me. Was actually sort of hoping that while my life to date has been nothing prizeworthy, at some distant point in the future someone might have researched into something I said or did (or maybe didn’t say or do) and found that it had Earth-shattering consequences for the future of the planet, or perhaps even beyond. (We are talking very distant future here.)

But now it looks as though I might have to actually do (or say) something significant before Passing On. So far I’ve only excelled in the Not Doing (or Not Saying) anything too startling. Mind you, given the sheer volume of what I’ve not done, that really should count towards a major award of some sort …

(Originally published in the old blog)

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