Thursday, November 6, 2008

Weeding, Culling, Stocktake and/or Inventory

Sure, you’ve got a whole document on your library’s policy for removing material from circulation, and the auditor’s are quite happy with statement’s like “damaged beyond repair” or “not borrowed for 50 years”. But let’s show some consideration for those future generations that follow in our footsteps, and may be in need of an Emergency Laugh. Why not demonstrate some creativity in our reporting?
  1. Removed (with long tongs) due to malodorous fog surrounding item
  2. Item contained photograph that resembled librarian’s ex-husband
  3. Reading Circle members suggested that book be removed as an acceptable compromise to breaking staff’s kneecaps
  4. Superceded by any of the last 20 editions of this encyclopaedia
  5. Too many books on this shelf - something had to go. This was ‘it’
  6. Critical accumulated mass of book lice residing in book found to exceed OSH maximum lifting recommendations
  7. Font size too small; budget request for electron microscope reader refused
  8. Hazardous Materials Team refused to handle item, so it could not longer be shelved

Ah well ...

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